Thank you for your efforts

February 2, 2018

I will absolutely renew. I feel like you are the only voice on behalf of TRS retirees. Thank you for your diligence.


January 25, 2018

Thank you to all you hard-working leaders of RPEA in all your capacities. We retirees do realize what a gift we have in such a vital organization as RPEA. We truly appreciate you.


December 31, 2017

President Sharon Hoffbeck,

Thank you for the [yearly planning] report. It is encouraging, and more significantly it should be recognized as the tribute it is to your leadership, and the efforts you and your crew have made to increase membership and protect the benefits that were promised retirees.

Almost weekly there are reports of other public retirement programs being stripped of benefits, and/or having those benefits reduced. Your expertise, along with the expertise of the others who 'signed' this report with you, have preserved our benefits, and kept them off the budget chopping block.

Please extend my appreciation and admiration to those who work with you. A lot of long nights, travel, and personal sacrifice on your part, as well as theirs, is what has gone into your success in maintaining the benefits that all of us rely upon.

I'm sure that I speak for many.


December 9, 2017

Thank you Sharon

Without people like you and our entire RPEA we might surely be swept aside.

Happy and safe holidays to you and yours.


December 8, 2017

[RPEA Wins Partial Summary Judgment in DVA Lawsuit]

Thank you for your outstanding work and advocacy, Sharon and RPEA.

A happy victory in troubling times.


June 24, 2017

I appreciate your, the Executive Board, the committee Director's and the committee volunteer's ongoing efforts on so many fronts. The communication is so helpful.

Thank you all for what you are doing.


June 24, 2017

You and those you work with have done so much for us retirees and you deserve a huge thank you.

I am so very glad you are looking out for us. I am proud to be a member and am trying to get my neighbor to join. Teachers know many teachers. We can help by getting more retirees to join. I'll spread the word. (Sent from my iPhone)


December 10, 2016

Dear Sharon and Crew,
My husband and I are retired Anchorage School District Administrators, approximately 30 years for each of us.....retired in 1995. The correspondence we have received from RPEA is the first time we have felt anyone is really “watching out for our vested interests.”

I am so impressed with your commitment and communications and wanted you to know someone appreciates your work.

I knew our dental, vision and even medical benefits had changed because we were paying for things we hadn’t paid for before......you feel frustrated and a bit helpless and not sure where to turn........getting information from the insurance companies was a waste of time.

This past year when you sent out membership recruitment I had at least 6 friends and former co-workers call and say, “Hey, is this something you think I should join?” (During my working years I had been very involved with both the State and National Elementary Principal Associations........so it wasn’t unusual for us to talk business.) I told them all that I was really impressed with what seemed to be happening and yes, they should send in their dues.....all said they did.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Long Term Care Denial

January 8, 2016

“Hello Sharon,
Thank you so much for the time and effort you are putting into my situation! It feels really good to have someone like you, “going to bat” for me.

Sharon, could you please let the committee know how much this means to me and my family! Thank You! It will probably determine if we can keep our house or not."

Voicemail message

April 4, 2016

"We’ve received letters from the Long Term Care saying I’ve been approved for LTC benefits — which is huge!

Sharon, do you know how huge this is? This—is—amazing! Amazing. Thank you---thank your team for me. (In a tearful voice)--I really can’t express in words how thankful I am for you in turning this around. Turning it around for me and for all behind me that potentially could have had problems. Thank you.”

Long Term Care Denial

"Hi Sharon – Wanted to follow up after my last correspondence with you. My Father has started receiving his LTC benefits. I would like to heartedly thank everyone involved that had a hand in making this transpire. I heard nothing from LTC group but the checks started to arrive and that has been very helpful with (father’s) financial situation. Thank you for your part and please send my thanks to the appropriate individuals involved.”

SC Board Member

April 9, 2014

"Fellow Board members,
I just got a chance to really read the latest Health Matters newsletter from the DRB. It is a series of FAQs addressing a list of problems with the transition. These are exactly the ones discovered by the RPEA MIC (Medical Information Committee) and communicated to them.

That newsletter is a testimonial to the effectiveness of RPEA in presenting health insurance problems and issues to the state and advocating for solutions. I have no doubt that newsletter would not exist but for the MIC's work. Members would have been left to deal with these issues on their own in the dark, and the DRB would have gone merrily on its way with the issues in the newsletter unaddressed. RPEA has had a major impact by forcing accommodations and explanations. And we are not done.

My compliments to all who carried out this important work."

Claim denials for retiree and family stationed overseas resulting in possible Base Commander reprimand and collections for nonpayment

February 5, 2014

"Hi Sharon,
Sharon, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your being an advocate for me and others. It makes one feel there might be resolution! Thank you so much."

March 3, 2015
Thank you so much for following through for me. I appreciate the time and effort you have spent in helping me! We are lucky to have you as our representative.”

Information request concerning reduced dental plan benefits

February 17, 2014

"Hello Sharon,
Thank you for the very comprehensive, easy to understand Moda dental benefits (or lack thereof). I very much appreciate your professionally presented response and the extra information that I did not realize I needed!!!"