RPEA 2016 DVA Declaratory Relief Lawsuit Information

In January 2016 RPEA filed a complaint against Sheldon Fisher, the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration, for implementing processes that significantly reduced the dental benefits and coverage available to state retirees who had selected DVA insurance coverage. It is RPEA's stance that this action is contrary to the Alaska Constitution.

Lawsuit Explanation

2016-01-26 Complaint Document

2016-03-14 DOA Answer

2016-03-28 Joint Report to the Court

2016-04-03 Scheduling Order

2016-06-01 Motion for Partial Summary Judgement

2016-07-01 RPEA Defendant's Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment and Defendant's Memorandum

2016-07-22 RPEA Opposition and Reply to Defendant's Cross-Motion

2016-12-07 Court's Oral Ruling

2016-12-07 DVA Partial Summary Judgement Decision